Traditional Japanese scrub brushes and SHURO brooms

Material and Craftsman

TAKADA TAWASHI restored traditional Japanese scrub brushes, called "SHURO-TAWASHI," which are made of the bark of the windmill palm tree growing naturally in the KISHU area (Wakayama Prefecture) of Japan.

The windmill palm tree or SHURO has been one of familiar materials to the people of Japan since old times, and its flexible and soft texture has been utilized for scrub brushes and brooms.

TAKADA’s SHURO-TAWASHI is the highest in quality. It is very soft, and you can even use it for massaging body when bathing.

There are various ways you can utilize SHURO-TAWASHI:
・Massaging body when bathing
・Washing dishes, drinking vessels, and ceramics
・Washing off soil on vegetables
・Peeling the skin of vegetables
・Removing dirt and stain of clothing

Most of the manufacturing processes are carefully done by the hands of the craftsmen at TAKADA TAWASHI even today.

TAKADA TAWASHI craftsmen believe that household products in everyday life should be friendly to users, items to which their products are applied, as well as the environment.


History and Two Kinds of TAWASHI

The windmill palm was an important local product in the KISHU area a long time ago. However, the demand for this local material had reduced drastically as a result of increasing replacement products made of inexpensive imported materials.

These days, the local industry using the domestic windmill palm is almost discontinued. Moreover, there are only a few craftsmen who can collect the bark of the tree; therefore, materials gathered in KISHU are extremely valuable.

TAKADA thinks conveying the windmill palm industry and techniques of superior craftsmen to the next generation is the prime of their business, and thus they manufacture “J SHURO TAWASHI” - made of the bark of the domestic windmill palm tree - with pride.

No chemicals such as pesticides and disinfectants are used after harvest for the bark of the windmill palm tree of KISHU. It is an organic farming method. The domestic bark of the windmill palm tree is delivered to their workshop soon after it is gathered, so the products are delivered fresh to the customers. Fresh bark has fine luster and uniform fibers.

J SHURO Body Brush products are the highest in quality, and they are so soft that one can enjoy using them on the body at bath time. There is another kind of TAWASHI simply called "SHURO TAWASHI," which is made of imported bark of the windmill palm tree.

Trading volume of imported bark of the windmill palm tree from China, which is the center of windmill palm cultivation nowadays, is sufficient, thus TAKADA TAWASHI can manufacture soft products with uniform texture by carefully choosing superior parts of the bark.

All TAWASHI products, both J SHURO and SHURO TAWASHI, comply with the following European Community Regulation: (EC) No 1935/2004 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

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SHURO Brooms & Dustpans

Since SHURO Brooms have fine and pliant fibers, they do not damage floor surface and are capable of catching dusts effectively. There are various types of brooms, from handy types to long broomstick types. In addition, there are a number of dustpans available to go with the brooms. They are made of paper and finished with persimmon tannin. Unlike dustpans made of plastic material, it does not cause static electricity, so dusts easily come off without sticking to the surface.

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